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What is FRC Robotics?

Here’s the video from FIRST describing FRC Robotics

Joining the team

Planning to join the Riverdale Robotics team?  Great!panda

First of all, let Mr. McLain know so he can get you on the email lists.  Then make sure to get the remaining steps taken care of.  Details below the break.


Stronghold Teaser

Here is the teaser for this year’s game. All details will be released on January 9.

First Meeting Debriefing

Today’s meeting was extremely successful. We started in Mr. McLain’s room with a briefing and explanation of the prototyping exercise. The goal was to launch a ball from point A to a hula-hoop. Groups of 4-5 worked together to create designs then bring them to life using springs, surgical tubing, hinges, 2×4 and other assorted materials. Most groups went with the classic catapult design but other went for ballista and sling shots. While we did not finish our designs, we will continue on Tuesday, January 5th the first Tuesday after break, and will finish our designs and hold our competition. Thank you for everyone who attended and we are looking forward to the season.
-Matthew Gilbert, build team leader.

First Meeting:

Today, December 10, 2015, our first team meeting will be held. The meeting will go from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM and food will be provided. We will be going over tool safety and the use of large electrical tools such as the drill press and chop saw. There will also be a prototyping exercise where small teams will work together to create wooden devices to throw an object across the room into a target area. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

-Matthew Gilbert, Build Team leader