Kickoff Summary

Thanks to all who joined us for kickoff. It was a great, if tiring day, and we have some exciting challenges ahead of us.

At the meeting today, we agreed to meet as a team on Monday during lunch to refresh ideas and review the video/game/rules.

If you couldn’t make it, you can see the release video here:

We talked about the following ideas:

Drive train: tank tread with spring-loaded suspension, large wheels to overcome rough terrain, rotating wheel pairs to manage rough terrain.

Boulders: throw via catapult, or throw by spinning wheels.

Low bar: If we can keep our robot shorter than sixteen inches, then we can get under the low bar. Manage that and get the ball to the goals, we have a pretty functional game.
Other obstacles: We still have not figured how to manage the other obstacles

You can find the manuals and the unlock code on our web site at

Take some time to look for info from Robot in 3 days
Also, here’s a video showing a shooter: here

We have a lot to do from selecting a design and prototyping to getting some thank yous taken care, of, buttons and shirts made, and more.  I look forward to a great season with you all.

See you Monday.

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