Robotics Kickoff Event

The kickoff event is coming this Saturday. Here we will learn the game, the rules, and get going on an exciting season. We have new space, new members, and now we’ll have a new game.

Full details after the break.

Please let me know if you plan to join us at the kickoff. If you prefer not to get up so early, you are welcome to join us at RHS afterward. Just let me know your plans as soon as possible, please.

The event is at University of Portland, but some details have changed. Here is the most up-to-date information:

Depart Riverdale High School: 6:30 am
Event Start: 7:00 am. (Voodoo donuts will apparently be selling donuts there until 7:15 am — we will probably arrive at the late end of that spectrum)
Event Location: University of Portland
Beauchamp Recreation & Wellness Center.
6501-6547 N Portsmouth Ave, Portland, OR 97203.
Return to Riverdale High School: I’m estimating we start heading back about 11:00 am. This depends on how many speakers and sponsor support videos they put up for us before giving us the reveal and the kit of parts. Officially it ends at noon.
Then: We’ll spend a couple hours with initial analysis, rule book work, and ideation.
Meeting ends: 2pm.


Depending on numbers, we may need some parents willing to drive.  If you are able and willing, please let me know in the comments below, along with how many you can take. I’ll update folks about whether we’ll do that or take a bus after I have good numbers.


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